“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened ambition inspired and success achieved”.
– Helen Keller

Aroop Banerjee
Director – Sales and Marketing

Aroop Banerjee has extensive experience of over 20 years in IT Consulting, Solution Sales and Recruitment Industry. He has worked across various geographies in the Asia Pacific region and he is well grounded on the Best Practices. 

Aroop has been successfully handling teams of Recruitment Consultants and has personally and individually achieved milestones like more than A$ Million Dollars in Gross Profit. He has received numerous recommendations for achievements at work. He has a very successful training background. Aroop has successfully trained staff that have not had any recruitment and IT background to achievers. 

Aroop has very strong mentoring skills which have resulted in his team being always the most profitable in the country. 


Aroop started his career in a Technical role, where he was responsible for developing applications using various Second and Third generation programming languages. Although many of these languages now fall into the category of Legacy Languages, this has given Aroop a strong grounding on Implementation issues and criticalities. It has also made him understand Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Test Lifecycle. From there Aroop moved onto Implementation roles, where he had to implement pilot Computerization Programmes at remote locations. This role further entrenched in his mind that discipline and deadlines are as important as the quality of the service and that everyone in the team (irrespective of their level in the team) needed to have an ownership in order for the team and the project to be a success. 

He has very effectively understands technical terminologies and jargon. Another major strength of Aroop is that he can effectively interact with senior to entry level staff and talk to them at a bandwidth that they can understand and follow. 

Aroop has Excellent Communication Skills. He has this rare ability to strike a fantastic balance between the Technical and the non-technical world. 

He has a very jovial personality and Aroop likes to keep the office environment relaxed. He is an extremely happy person and often people ask him (whether in the office or at shops or restaurants or any other places) as to why he is smiling. Aroop says, ‘’ I really do not know how to answer this question. Perhaps the smile is from a sense of achievement and from an inner self belief. I often look at people's expressions at offices and public places like train stations or at shops and find that hardly any of them smile. In fact most of them are frowning. I find that strange as I cannot believe so many people are unhappy and they have so many worries. Many times, I have realised, our problems and worries are created by us and many times the controls are with us to make the right decisions. It is extremely important to communicate effectively. It is extremely important for us to discover our happiness which lies within us and having a highly trained mind’’.